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Mouille Point

Known as the Platinum Mile hugging the coastline, this area is dominated by high end apartment blocks, literally 5 minutes from our famous Victoria and Alfred Mall, Mouille Point in on Point indeed!! With views of either the well appointed Golf course, impressive Green Point stadium, signal hill and slight glimpses of Table Mountain, we cannot forget the undeniable favourite on the opposite side of these buildings placed along Beach road, none other than the sought after Ocean view!

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Another small but affluent suburb along the Atlantic seaboard, Mouille Point otherwise known as the “Platinum Mile” amongst the locals, has much history to it.. amongst which I will name only a few points for pondering..

Recently the Green Point Urban Park and Buidiversity garden was created just behind Mouille Point open for everyone to enjoy!  Green Point Common accompanies this wonderful new addition to the area just before our Icon of a Stadium next door!

The name Mouille is French for Anchoring Ground.  Sadly early 17th century ships found themselves often prey to the serious winter storms sweeping them ashore.. It was decided by the governor at the time that a breakwater shall be built.  This was never completed and in 1781 the French arrived and built a Battery near the unfinished Mouille naming it Mouille Point Battery!

The Mouille Point Lighthouse was located here but since the July 1966 Storm that crippled a cargo ship called the seafarer, a new lighthouse was erected.  As tradition would have it, a new lighthouse cannot be reused and therefore Green Point Lighthouse was born!

A quirky fact..  For years right around the 1960’s a drive in Road House named “The Doll House” was popular for snacks and coffee’s during the day, also known as the after movie night time spot where food was served on a tray clipped to the window of your vehicle.  This was a great idea until our beloved local seagulls caught onto this opportunity and many a patron lost their sandwiches to a sneaky gull that landed on the roof of their car.  Needless to say this Road house no longer exists, however there are plenty great restaurants to choose from along beach road for those after movie nights!



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