Our Beautiful City is currently taking every measure to conserve our precious Water Supply! Cape Town Water Conservation is a way of life for everyone here at The Top Floor!


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Every resident, and visitor to Cape Town is urged by the City to use water as sparingly as possible over the coming months, with the City aiming for a daily water usage limit of 87 litres per person. To meet this goal, everyone, including visitors, is asked to use municipal water only for essential washing, cooking and drinking purposes, and only indoors (so as mentioned above we are no longer topping up pools or watering gardens with tap water, which means the gardens and lawns may also therefore not look at their best this summer).  This means that Jacuzzi’s are no longer operational unless otherwise indicated and confirmed at the time of booking, and the same applies to pools.  Please chat to your agent should you require a pool or jacuzzi so as not to be disappointed, as some properties have managed to make provision to remain functional during this critical time.

In October 2017 the City announced the need to start limited “water rationing” to preserve water supplies, where water pressure may be reduced for short periods in the mornings or evenings without any warning to reduce consumption across selected suburbs in Cape Town, which could in turn lead to short water outages in high lying areas or multi level properties where the water pressure becomes insufficient.

We provide our guests on arrival, and in the houses, with guidance on how they can help keep their water usage to a minimum, but the main points are :

  • Taking showers rather than a bath, which can use around 60 litres more water than a shower.
  • Not running the tap unnecessarily, for example while brushing teeth, shaving or washing dishes in the kitchen, but rather using a cup, basin or bowl.
  • Waiting for a full load before running dishwashers and washing machines.
  • Only flushing the toilet when necessary.
  • Towels and bed linen will still be washed twice weekly unless guests ask us to reduce this to a weekly change to save more water


The Top Floor supports the water Conservation efforts 100% while remaining mindful that our guests comfort is of utmost importance, therefore we have implemented the necessary measures to ensure a fabulous stay at all our properties!