A Humble cliff side suburb called Clifton houses of our most Elite Luxury Villas and Apartments! Without exception the views these holiday homes offer are undeniably the best in Cape Town! Opulent living is certainly the standard when considering Clifton for your holiday! Be impressed by natural beauty and convenience for location but save the appetite for taking in the incredible architecture and refined finishes that await you!

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Now an affluent suburb of Cape Town with its exclusive residential area, home to some of the most expensive real estate in South Africa!

Clifton has been rated one of the Top Ten beaches By the Discovery Channel in 2003 and 2004 and has received Blue Flag status for its environmental, safety and tourism standards.  There are four beaches names 1st – 4th beach, which are separated by huge granite boulders and have almost pure white granitic sand.  These beaches are of the few that are well protected from the south easterly wind which adds to its popularity!  There is also a fifth beach, right before 1st Beach called `moses Beach for its papyrus plats that grow along it.  This beach appears and disappears as the sands wash in and out with the seasons.

Although Chilly(12-16 degrees), the water hosts many water sports, mostly surfing. Fourth beach attracts families and is the most glamorous by far with yachts anchoring in the bay for summer weekends!

One may wonder why the bungalows on Clifton are generally smaller than most properties.  The reason for this is that the area was laid out by the City of Cape Town for returning soldiers from World War one and the original bungalows were built from the packing cases that transported imported motor cars during the 1920’s.  These houses fetch incredibly high prices on the market today despite being only able to be reached by stairs, and in most cases having no garaging.

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