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Simons Town and Surrounds

A mere 50 minute casual drive from this extraordinary little Beach Town with get you to the City Centre for that business meeting or extensive shopping spree at The Waterfront! On the chance you may feel the need to shy away from the busy Touristy Things, may we suggest this lovely laid back environment offering Sea Views, fresh air and good food perfect for a holiday!

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Simons Town, the home of our South African Navy as well as those adorable penguins next door at Boulders Beach!  This little town reminds me of Cuba with its historic charm and adorable locals just loving the beachside life with a sense of carefree living!

For more than two centuries this landmark has been an extremely important Naval base for our Country, first the Royal Navy back in the day and now The South African Navy. The town is named after Simon Van Der Stel, an early governor of the Cape Colony.

The local Railway station is the terminus of the Southern Line that runs all the way from the Central business district of Cape Town.  There are places the railway line hugs the eastern shore of False bay quite incredibly so much so that in bad weather the waves and foam from heavy swells fly up and set the trains.

Some fantastic restaurants are found here and can be read about in our visitors guide on our home page main menu.

Places in Simons Town and Surrounds

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